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June 18 2013

Use AdWords Auction Insights to See How you Compare Against Your Competition

by Anne Garcia

Google has updated the capabilities for its Auction Insights report so that advertisers can easily see how they stack up against their Google AdWords competition. Previously, advertisers were only able to see the Auction Insights report for individual keywords. Now, Google has announced that advertisers can view the Auction Insights report for a group of keywords, individual or multiple ad groups or at the individual or multiple campaign level.

With this information, advertisers can compare their paid search efforts in terms of impression share, average position, overlap, position above and top of page rates. From there, advertisers can choose to increase maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids and daily budget accordingly.

To see Auction Insights, go to the tab of where you would like to compare your performance data. Select the campaign(s), ad group(s) or keywords you would like to compare against your competition. Next, select the drop down menu under “Details” and choose either Selected or All. A new screen with your Auction Insights report should appear.

Below is a screen shot of an example of an Auction Insights report at the campaign level that is sorted by Impression share.

November 2 2012

Bing Ads Updates Its Reporting Capabilities

by Anne Garcia

Within the new interface of Bing Ads, advertisers can access updated reporting features for their paid search marketing campaigns. Bing says that the new version of reporting is easier to use and will increase advertiser productivity.

When advertisers visit the Reports section of Bing Ads, there will be a new option to use the new version. Bing Ads says that the new version of the reporting will become the default setting in the coming weeks.

Advertisers can now run multiple reports simultaneously — and in fewer steps — as  well as create related reports that share the same settings more easily. Some examples of report settings include date range — so that when a user switches from one campaign to the next, the same date range will appear in the second report. By sharing report settings, advertisers will be able to save time by being able to run reports more efficiently.

In addition, advertisers will be able to run report data for up to 366 days as well as having the option to select pre-determined date ranges (like Last 7 days or Last month).

Below is a screenshot of how to access the new Bing Ads reporting version.

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