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November 21 2022

Google Ads to No Longer Support Similar Audiences

by Jill Goldstein

As of May 1, 2023, Google Ads will begin to gradually phase out similar audiences. Similar audiences are currently created based on the recent search activity of users on your remarketing lists. If your lists are large enough, Google Ads will automatically find new users with similar search behavior and create new audiences to be used for targeting.

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July 13 2022

Microsoft Introduces Advertiser Verification

by Chuck Forbes

Previously our team has discussed how Google and Facebook are increasing their verification for advertisers as the growing need to protect the ad experience for marketers and searches surfaced. Microsoft has now joined the party, releasing a statement that they plan to implement a new advertiser verification feature.

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April 5 2022

What’s Up with Keyword Match Types These Days?

by Jill Goldstein

It’s not just you, the search queries you’re seeing in your search term report does not align with how you would presume the search engines would be matching searches to your keywords given your selected match types. Within the past year, there has been a shift in how search engines are matching search queries (what people are typing into the search bar) to keywords. There are now more search queries then ever matching to keywords. This is because Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence is improving. Google now understands the meaning and intent behind searches, which allows the engine to understand similar searches that don’t necessarily include the same words.

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