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June 24 2020

Credits in Google Ads – COVID-19 Advertiser Support

by Danielle Leitch

In March, Google announced a program for how they would help our community, as well as small-medium businesses across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of this included providing over $300 million in Google Ads credits to qualified businesses who advertised with Google during 2019.

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June 23 2020

Use These Ad Extensions to Help Keep Your Google Ads Relevant

by April Nelson

Callout Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions are ideal for helping to keep your Paid Search ads fresh. They allow you to quickly and easily extend your ads with general information that’s relevant to your entire business. These extensions provide users with additional information and more reasons to click your ads. This can lead to increases in CTR and more qualified visitors coming to your website.

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June 2 2020

Healthcare Marketing & The Future of Telehealth

by MoreVisibility

As the world continues to adapt and move forward towards a “new normal”, healthcare facilities will continue to play a vital role in community welfare. With this comes an increase need / desire for Telehealth and new opportunities and trends for Healthcare Marketers. Find out more in this video.

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