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May 8 2020

Online Ads Help Recruit Participants for COVID-19 Efforts

by Khrysti Nazzaro

MoreVisibility is proud to partner with preeminent hospital systems throughout the United States creating and managing their Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns in order to serve a variety of public health needs. Now more than ever, finding participants for COVID-19 research and relief efforts is of paramount concern to these institutions and to the service their work can offer the entire world.

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April 16 2020

Google Response to COVID-19 with New Ad Copy Guidelines

by Danielle Leitch

Amidst the COIVD-19 pandemic, there has been an influx of misinformation online. In response, Google has proactively tightened ad copy restrictions to try to help prevent scammers from using ads in a harmful way. However, these restrictions may impact legitimate advertisers, too. Learn more in this video from our Chief Operating Officer, Danielle Leitch.

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January 3 2020

Google Releases New “Explain” Feature

by Caitlin Gioia

What is changing: Google Ads will now provide explanations for why specific changes in performance likely occurred. Advertisers can request explanations by clicking on the new “See Explanations” button. Significant changes will be emphasized in blue, as shown in the example below.

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