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October 17 2011

Using Press Releases to Increase Interest in Your Business

by Michael Bergbauer

Press releases, or PRs, are often seen as formal documents put out by large corporations. However, they can be immensely beneficial as a link building tool for a business of any size. To maximize the traffic from the press releases you create, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

When writing your press release, make the effort to optimize its search visibility. Do some keyword research based on the subject of your press release and be sure to include relevant keyphrases in the release to increase it’s visibility to your target audience. If you run a small business, mention the cities you serve and include the address and phone number of your business to increase your chances of appearing in local search results. Of course, you will want to include links back to your website or to your social media accounts within the press release.

After your press release is written, there are more ways to spread it besides the traditional submission to a PR website. Create a PR section of your website that hosts and archives the press releases you create. That way, your site can benefit from the optimized keyword content you included in the release. Once your release is live, promote through your social channels.

If you can, email your press release directly to publications, journalists, and bloggers that cover topics and areas relevant to your business. Not only does this increase the chance that your press release will be re-posted on other sites, in may result in these professionals writing about and linking to your business.

Whether your business is big or small, writing and spreading a press release every now and then is a great way to increase consumer interest in your business, as well as visibility.

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