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October 4 2010

A recap of the last two weeks in the Web Analytics industry

by MoreVisibility

It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s been happening in this industry. Yesterday’s news is old news, and what you read 15 minutes ago on your Twitter feed is already below the fold – and you know what they say: “Out of sight, out of mind!

But, in case you missed anything, here are the top news items that have happened in our space since mid-September.

Google AdWords:

New My Client Center features announced, including email notifications and custom alerts!
– Coming into its own, the Keyword Tool is finally out of Beta, providing advertisers with flexible options and easy search refinements.
– New metrics are always fun for people like me, which is why it was way cool that Google introduced Estimated Top Impressions within the Bid Simulator tool.

Google Analytics:

– The Google Analytics API is a powerful application that is allowing developers to create amazing tools. Just in the last few weeks, the Google Analytics team has recorded a new episode of Web Analytics TV with the dynamic duo of Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski, focusing on the GA API. There is also a new Google Analytics + Bazaarvoice integration, as well as an updated Python Library.
– If you ever wondered about Google Analytics up time or the current status of Google Analytics, wonder no more! A new status dashboard has been launched to provide you with updates as to how the GA system is running. Notice the overwhelming amount of green check marks across the board?

Web Analytics:

– Adobe upgraded their Omniture SiteCatalyst JavaScript code to version H.22, which takes care of a few minor issues that affected a small percentage of the SiteCatalyst population. and WebTrends announced an integration with’s Pro Enterprise service, which should add a nice value to WebTrend’s growing social media measurement capabilities. Did you know that decodes 4.7 billion (with a “B”) URLs per month? Wow!
– eMetrics – THE web analytics conference – is happening this week (in fact, happening right now as you read this). Follow their updates on Twitter at #emetrics, or visit their website for all of the latest information. There are a lot of great speakers lined up this year, and they always have a lot of great things to say, so do follow #emetrics on Twitter to get the inside scoop of what’s happening for those of you who can’t be there live.

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