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July 3 2018

Do Not Search For Your Own Ads!

by Chuck Forbes

The most tempting thing to do when your Search Ads launch is of course, go to Google and search terms that would trigger your ad to show up. It’s a simple check and balances right? My marketing agency told me my ads are live, let me search some of the keywords we agreed upon and ensure I have a presence to the audience I am trying to reach. While it seems innocent, I strongly advise against this.

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September 14 2017

A Guide for Writing Ad Copy That Captures Your Audience’s Attention

by Serina Fignole

Figuring out the perfect technique to help your ads stand out can be a huge undertaking. You may not be sure if your headline should focus on what your brand offers or why a user should select it over a competitor. To ensure your ads capture your audience’s attention, follow this 4-step process.

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June 7 2017

AdWords Releases New Metrics for Quality Score

by Charlie Scholz

 Advertisers have always been able to refer to the quality score of an ad in Google AdWords to see how the engine ranks your ads. With a ranking of 1-10 (with 10 being the best), you can see how AdWords feels your ad and landing page resonate with one another and your keywords. What hasn’t always been clear is how the Quality Score is determined. However, Google added new Quality Score reporting columns in May that provide a bit more clarification on what makes up the score.

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