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November 7 2017

Google Analytics & Secure Sites: How to Get Your Referral Traffic Back

by Jason Brewster

If you are reading this blog there is a strong possibility that you have heard the following question from a fellow team member:

“Hey guys, we looked at our Google Analytics referral report and we can see a huge drop in traffic from these important sources YOY! What happened?!”

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October 1 2013

(Not Provided) is all Google Wants You to Know About its Organic Referrals!

by Theo Bennett

If you’ve looked into your Organic Search Reports in your web analytics platform over the last few days; you may have noticed what is generating a lot of discussion in web analytics circles.  Google has increased the use of secure search and extended it past the boundaries of “logged-in” users.  Until last week all users that were logged into a Google account, searched through the FireFox search bar or the Chrome Omnibox were treated as secure and Google would subsequently withhold the search term to the site owners where the visitor landed.

What this means is the limited Google Organic Visitor data that we had before last week has become further obfuscated.  Many site owners already had reported that more than 50% of their traffic was already labeled as (Not Provided) and Google’s recent change further muddies the picture.

While this is a painful blow to Web Analysts everywhere there are three (albeit imperfect) things you can do to gather some intelligence on your organic campaigns.

1. Use Google AdWords

Whatever the security motive was that drove Google to turn off the referring keyword information (legitimate reasons do exist); the information is still, puzzlingly supplied to AdWords advertisers for paid clicks.

2. Use Bing/Yahoo! Data

As of now Bing has not followed suit, and even though it’s a smaller sample, in this case some data is better than no data.

3. Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools will show you an approximation of the top terms for which your site is visible and the data can be easily integrated into Google Analytics.

Unfortunately there is no light at the end of the (Not Provided) tunnel; that said, there have been some interesting suggestions made to Google on how this could be overcome or at least, how some data might be shared without a privacy concern.
We will continue to monitor the situation and make further updates here in the future.

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