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August 29 2012

How to Implement Remarketing with Google Analytics

by Anne Garcia

Google recently released Remarketing with Google Analytics, which lets advertisers create remarketing lists based on specific audiences who visit your web site and show interest in particular products or services.

To create new remarketing lists, select the Admin tab in the upper right hand corner of Google Analytics, and choose the tab that says “Remarketing Lists.” From this tab, you’ll be able to select “+ New Remarketing List.”

The next screen will prompt you to modify your analytics tracking. Once the tracking code has been implemented on your site, you can create different audience lists, based on your web site metrics and goals.

For example, if you have an ecommerce site that sells shoes, you can create various lists, based on the type of shoes that you want to promote. If you would like to push running sneakers, you can target visitors who came to any page on your site that contained “running”, but did not complete a transaction.

To do so, choose the option to “Create my own remarketing type using Visitor Segments”. From there you can create a Sequence Filter to target people who visited a page including “running” and did not complete a transaction. Reference screen shot below:

After creating your Remarketing list, Google Analytics will prompt you to select the AdWords account that will have access to this Remarketing List. Note that you must have an AdWords account synced to an Analytics account in order to be eligible for Remarketing with Google Analytics. Also note that you will not be able to change the AdWords account once you save the Remarketing list.

The next time you log into Google AdWords, your new Remarketing list will be available for you.

August 2 2012

Google Announces Remarketing with Google Analytics

by Anne Garcia

Google has just announced that it has enhanced its Remarketing options for advertisers by rolling out a new feature called Remarketing with Google Analytics. Google says the new product helps you create remarketing lists based on certain audiences who visit your web site and show interest in your products or services, without having to tag your site twice. This new product, currently in beta, will help advertisers more easily create remarketing campaigns to be shown across the Google Display Network in AdWords.

The search engine has upgraded the AdWords remarketing pixel so advertisers will only need to create one tag to be placed across an entire web site. In the past, advertisers had to create a remarketing pixel for each page that they wanted to implement remarketing for. Advertisers will then be able to create as many audience lists as they wish.

The new beta is being rolled out to Google Analytics users who are account administrators with at least one linked Google AdWords account by the end of the summer. Advertisers will see a tab in the Admin tab of Google Analytics called “Remarketing Lists.”

Advertisers can define very specific audience lists by using segments from Google Analytics to target the most qualified customer. For example, if you are a sports equipment ecommerce site and are interested in targeting softball players during softball season, you can create audience lists to target users who came to your site and viewed a page with “softball” in the page title, but did not place a transaction on site. From here, you would be able to show this audience list softball specific banner ads and engage the user to return to your site to place a transaction.

As an original beta tester of Remarketing with Google Analytics, I have seen campaign performance succeed through both increasing conversions and revenue and would recommend all applicable advertisers to test out this new program.

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