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September 14 2010

Google’s New Reporting Format – Step-by-Step Instructions

by Alexandra Hagler

Google has now introduced a new way to obtain reporting features offered in AdWords. The reports are no longer only available in the reports section of AdWords. Now, they are moved to a more easily accessible location, the Campaigns tab. I believe Google has done this to try and make the process of reporting simpler for users, but as there is always a learning curve when things change. I am finding it to be a bit more difficult to use these reports this way.

As mentioned, the reports have been moved to the Campaigns tab, where you can view all of your campaign numbers. Pulling a Campaign Performance Report is much different than in the previous reporting screen. Below are a few steps that you will need to take to pull a Campaign Report with the new reporting format. 

First, make sure you are on the Campaigns tab. Next, you will want to hit the “columns” button under your dashboard graph. Check off all of the boxes you would like in your report. As you check them off, they will start to populate on the right hand side as a green box. If you would like to change the order of the columns, you can drag and drop the green boxes to change their order. After everything is set to your liking, click the “save” button.

Google’s New Reporting Format

The final step to completing the Campaign Report is to click on the button that shows an arrow pointing down. When doing so, the screen shown below will appear. Select the format, segments you will require (Network, Day, Week, Quarter, Year, Device, etc.) and the email/frequency options.

The last step is to press the “Create” button and generate your report. In this example, the report downloads into excel. It will also download to your account. To find the downloaded reports in your account, look in the left hand navigation bar for a hyperlink to the section “control panel and library”; click on the word and you will be taken to your generated reports.

Google’s New Reporting Format

We hope you will try out the new reporting format.  You may find it easier than the previous way of pulling reports.

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