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February 23 2011

Google Instant Preview-The Case for the Upgrade

by Katherine Bennett

What if a searcher could see your website before they even clicked on your organic listing? What if they could see if the term they searched was actually on your website page?  The answer to these questions is that they can. This means a searcher can be attracted to or repelled by your website without ever landing on it. How is this possible? It’s possible through Google Instant Preview.

When a searcher has Google Instant Preview enabled, they are able to get a sneak peak of your website. Here’s how it works. A magnifying glass appears next to your organic listing and when a searcher clicks on the magnifying glass that page of your website appears in the preview.  In the below example, a preview of the Morevisibility page appears, giving the searcher a taste of what’s to come.

Google Instant Preview

Another great feature, of Google Instant Preview is that it will highlight a searcher’s search term within the web page snapshot and show them an actual sentence containing that term. For example, if a searcher is searching for the term “Morevisibility”, the Google Instant Preview highlights and magnifies the sentence on that page using the search term “Morevisibility” as shown to the right.

Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview helps searchers reduce wasted search time and find what they want quickly. However, on the flip side, companies should keep their websites updated; otherwise a user could be turned off before they even get to the website. 

Since searchers are becoming more familiar with Google Instant Preview, it would behoove companies to ask themselves if their website design and/or its content need an upgrade. After all, what picture does your company want to leave in a searcher’s mind?

August 18 2008

When Did We Become So High Tech?

by MoreVisibility

Can you remember the days when you automatically reached for a phone book to find a doctor, or called “411” to make dinner reservations? Whatever the case, those were the good ole’ days, and for many of us, those days are long gone. Think about it for a moment, when was the last time you did not utilize the internet in some fashion to retrieve this type of information?
Nowadays, the vast majority utilizes the internet to locate a doctor, as well as make dinner reservations. It is just too simple not to! Even the most non-techincal of searchers knows how to use search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. to find exactly what they are looking for. That being said (in most cases) the more savvy the searcher, the more savvy the path to gather the information. Case in point…I recently took a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with some friends. Unfortunately, my friend’s mother was feeling under the weather. I grabbed by blackberry to do an online search for the nearest doctor. Simultaneously, another friend texted Google from her cell phone, while another used her laptop. Last but not least, the patient (AKA my friend’s mom) went straight for the phone book. It was quite comical how we were all trying to beat the other to retrieve the information and it is truly amazing just how much is at our fingertips. At the end of the impromptu “search contest”, we were all able to find what we were looking for, even though the paths to get there differed slightly! That being said, I (of course) won the contest!
This experience reinforces the fact that online marketing  today is not only important; it is vital. If you are a marketer and/or retailer and are not found online, you could be missing out on many lucrative opportunities to gain new customers, patients, clients, revenue, etc. In a nutshell, the internet is a huge marketplace and not being seen online is NOT an option!

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