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December 29 2011

SEO & SEM… Where To Start?

by Tiffany Weimar

One of the advantages of paid advertising is the ability to show up in the search results and through display channels very quickly. Thus, unlike SEO, paid advertising makes it possible to get virtually immediate traffic to a website.

In most cases, an effective Search Engine Optimization program requires a greater upfront investment.  However, the long-term benefits can exceed those of paid advertising in that, as soon as a paid advertising campaign is turned off, your site will no longer display in the search engines and receive traffic. 

Paid advertising gives you the ability to monitor and adjust your ad spend on a consistent basis.  Conversely, a successful SEO strategy gives you the ability to “own” organic real estate over time.  Please note though, SEO is often referred to as a “moving target”.  SEO requires constant attention and effort.  Whether it is blogging, submitting articles, link building or being active in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization needs to be tended to by an individual or team of individuals in order to be successful.  

In conclusion, most profitable online marketers are heavily involved with both SEO & SEM.  As a result, they benefit from receiving consistent traffic to their website, while meticulously working to garner better positions for important keywords in the Natural results.

January 19 2011

Guess What? Negative Keywords in AdWords Just Got Easier!

by Theo Bennett

There aren’t many things you can do to your AdWords campaigns that will impact your click-through-rate and the conversion rate on your site.  When you find one of these magical dimensions, you need to cherish it — regardless of how much harder it makes your work.  Negative keywords fall into this category and, until recently, could be difficult to manage across your account.

So what is a negative keyword?  Negative keywords prevent your ad from displaying for a search query and they can be added either on the ad group or campaign level.  For example if own a beachside pizza place and you are targeting the keyword “pizza in Fort Lauderdale”; your ad could display for these queries:

“Pizza in Fort Lauderdale”
“Pizza in Fort Lauderdale near the beach”
“Pizza in Fort Lauderdale near the Everglades”
“Worst pizza in fort Lauderdale”
“Free pizza in Fort Lauderdale”

As you can see, you may not want your ad to show for “worst” or “free” or for a geo-modifier like “Everglades”.  If you include these terms as negative keywords, then you’ll save yourself an impression, increase your click through rate and get more qualified prospects to your site.  Keywords like “free” and “worst” are easy examples of negatives; however, due diligence is required to ensure that you stay up to date with how people are searching today. 

Until this week, sharing negatives between campaigns could be a time consuming task that required a lot of exporting and importing, or copying and pasting.   Fortunately, the fine folks at Google have added a new tool to the “Control Panel and Library” section of AdWords!  “Negative Keyword Lists” is a new tool that lets you add negative keywords across your entire account!  Log-in and take a look.

If you have negatives and haven’t used it yet, try it out.   If you don’t have any negatives in your campaigns — consider adding them now!

January 11 2011

1.11.11: Celebrate This One Fine Day

by Tiffany Weimar

Marketers, it’s your time to shine! Days like today offer once in a lifetime marketing opportunities, literally.  Restaurants, hotels, casinos, beauty salons, and others are offering amazing discounts in celebration of January 11th, 2011.  Whether it’s Papa John’s offering 2 pizzas for $11.11, Atlantic City resorts offering 11 hotel rooms for $11.11, or salons giving manicures for $11.11, companies nationwide are using today as a chance to gain new customers while rewarding their current customer base. 

In the online space, expect to capitalize on discounts seen through emails and social media channels.  If you’re on Twitter or Facebook at 11:11 am or 1:11 pm, I’d look for some special offers as well.  Using social media to promote these offers are an awesome way to enhance brand awareness and interact with your constituents in real-time.  

Throughout the year, marketers are given unique opportunities to be creative.  Unfortunately, many marketers are so caught up in their day-to-day “To-Do’s” that they fail to think through taking advantage of upcoming inimitable events.

In the spirit of 1.11.11, I have formulated five online marketing ideas to capitalize on in the future.

  1. Dates! 1/11, 2/22, etc…  These are all great opportunities to offer exclusive daily promotions.  Be creative by playing off of the date exclusivity (Today, you will see 11% off, $1.11 for “x” product, etc…).
  2. Holiday Promotions.  This year, we saw some e-tailers take advantage of “The 12 Days of Christmas”, offering a different promotion each of the days leading up to Christmas.  Penetrating social media outlets on this offer made the marketing opportunity even better, as it encouraged consumers to continue following the companies each day.
  3. Weekly Offers.  In the online interactive marketing industry, some companies offer promotions on specific days.  For instance, “Mobile Mondays” was created by an agency to host a Monday Twitter Chat with the goal of giving expert advice on mobile advertising.   
  4. Black Friday.  This is every shopper’s dream (or nightmare!).  In 2010, “Cyber Monday” (the Monday after Black Friday) was a huge success.  Take advantage of this opportunity by creating special promotions for these two heavily anticipated sales’ days.
  5. Create unique promotions for each media outlet.  Having a mobile website offer or Facebook only discount promotes each marketing channel, ultimately applauding customer loyalty and encouraging recruitment of new followers/customers.   


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