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August 13 2010

Recent Google Updates for SEO: MAYDAY & CAFFEINE FREE Webinar

by Jason Gorham

Join us: Wednesday, August 18th at 1 pm EST (10 am PST)
Can’t make the date? Also available on-demand

Featuring: Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President Client Strategy
These two major Algorithm Updates were recently implemented by Google. Many advertisers saw changes with their organic search rankings. Did it impact your website and SEO positions? If so, you won’t want to miss this presentation.

In this 45 minute webinar, to include Q&A, you will learn:

  • What is Google Caffeine & the Mayday Update?
  • How These Updates Effect Websites.
  • “The Good The Bad & The Ugly” of New Search Results.
  • Tactics To Rank Better In the Future.

This webinar is 45 minutes. On-Demand webinar access will be provided after 08/19/2010

July 26 2010

SEO and PPC Together Allow for More Visibility

by Taylor Wilson

Many people think that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic and Organic traffic are two different entities, but in reality they work together to benefit one another.

PPC traffic is great for quickly gaining and sustaining traffic and conversions, possibly while you’re waiting for your SEO efforts to be seen by the search engines. PPC is also great for promoting sales or seasonal promotions, while SEO is good for building website credibility, escalating your reach and increasing conversions. PPC allows you to control targeting, select search terms that you may not have an organic presence for, and choose which phrases you do not want your ads to appear for (negatives key phrases).   SEO and PPC compliment one another and allow for different types of control, reach and conversions, but also help one another to achieve their top potential.

Google AdWords operates on a Quality Score system. That score contributes to how much you pay for a click and how well your paid ads are positioned. There are a handful of factors that go into that score, such as click-through rate, ad copy relevance and page load time.   Believe it or not, following SEO best practices can actually lead to a higher quality PPC landing page. If you fully optimize your site’s code and have taken into account page load time, then you are more apt to have a high quality score for your PPC efforts.

So when it comes to SEO vs. PPC, there is no clear-cut answer as to one source of traffic being better than the other, unless you’re limited by funds or resources. Both SEO and PPC work great independently, but using these two marketing channels together will add additional leverage. By running both SEO and PPC together, you give your online business more opportunities to reach more of your customers.

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