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July 13 2016

The Importance of Canonical Tags

by Shanine Dorta

In today’s world, duplicate content can lead to search engines becoming confused about the correct page to return to a user. We want to make the job of a search engine easier by clearly focusing them on the right pages to return to users through proper canonicalization. By properly employing canonical tags to your webpages, you can take advantage of having a robust site while following a Best Practices approach to Search Engine Optimization.

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June 13 2016

5 Fundamentals for Digital Marketing Success

by Shanine Dorta

Undoubtedly, there are many different aspects to devising a successful digital marketing strategy, from establishing a solid tracking solution to knowing which channels you should be present in and how to efficiently allocate budget to each. To help, we’ve outlined 5 fundamentals to put you on the track for digital marketing success.

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January 19 2016

Local SEO: A Basic Guide for Getting Started

by Khrysti Nazzaro

The ability for a website’s content to rank organically for location-intended and geotargeted queries adds additional layers of opportunity above and beyond SEO Best Practices you may already be focused on. Following are 4 basic items to address when getting started with your organic local search strategy:Read More

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