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February 21 2011

SEO Benefits of YouTube

by Tiffany Weimar

In a recent blog post on leveraging SEO benefits of video, I mentioned how YouTube is an excellent way to drive visitors to your website.  Equally important is allowing individuals to access your YouTube company page through adding a YouTube link/button on your website.  From an SEO perspective, frequently adding fresh content to your channel and properly tagging your videos will allow you to utilize YouTube as an SEO channel.   

Properly “Tagging”? Just remember this: “TDK”…Title, Description, Keywords.

  1. Title-Make sure that it’s enticing and keyword rich.  Go back to your video and determine the main subject or topic matter in the recording.  The word or short phrase that you decide on should be included in the title.  This is because the search engines weight anything in the title very highly.  Another tip: remember to keep your title to 70 characters or less.
  2. Description-Creating a persuasive description and putting it in sentence form are two key items to keep in mind.  While it is best to keep the description around 155 characters, it is more important to make sure that it is compelling, so that individuals will click through to your page.
  3. Keywords-Select two or three keywords to be featured as tags. Your keyword or keyword phrase should mirror the main topic of your video and should be included in your title. 

SEO benefits are the greatest payback from coordinated efforts to frequently produce video content and properly tag them.  While it does require resources, mainly time, using YouTube is an inexpensive way to gain brand visibility and rank in search engines for your important keywords.

October 13 2008

Patience Is The Key To SEO

by Darren Franks

Search Engine Optimization should be looked at from a long term perspective. One should always ask themselves, “How am I going to benefit from SEO over the next few years?” as opposed to “If I optimize my site today, will it be number one in search engine rankings tomorrow?” Patience is the key to SEO and with the economy in its current state, increasing your website’s visibility by organic means can be beneficial. If implemented correctly, over time, you will start to see your hard work pay off.

For instance, the real estate market is most definitely in disarray from a seller’s point of view. What does someone working in real estate do if their other (more expensive) marketing budgets are drying up? As opposed to gaining the quick satisfaction of alternate marketing techniques, SEO could afford you the luxury of sustaining your presence if your highly optimized website is already ranking well in the search engines and is already getting a nice flow of traffic. SEO, over time, is much more advantageous than most other common advertising strategies (newspapers, magazines etc.). It can also be a lot cheaper too.

No serious Internet business can afford to be without SEO today. It targets consumers who are already searching for what you are offering. Is there any other form of advertising that can be that targeted as cost effectively? Ongoing and highly focused SEO of a website is crucial as the algorithms are extremely volatile. Keeping the content fresh by tweaking your pages will inspire potential returning visitors to spread the word and get you that nice flow of traffic. The future of SEO seems bright indeed as this harsh economic spell will dictate people’s advertising habits. Even though SEO needs constant attention, it still out-weighs the expensive disadvantages of the more expensive marketing campaigns.

So, while performing search engine optimization on your site will never be the “quick-fix” solution, over time it will give you that edge over the SEO-less competitor and that’s no small feat. Developing a good linking strategy, building out new content and making sure that the pages are targeted correctly for its key phrase should deliver desired results in the long run.

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