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March 22 2011

Should we Still Submit to Directories for SEO, or for any Reason?

by Darren Franks

Should we still submit to directories for SEO, or for any reason such as link building and website traffic? The short answer is: yes, but with many caveats. First, it is absolutely imperative that any new site, or any site that has not done so already, submit to the top directories. These are, but are not limited to:

  • Yahoo! Directory  
  • DMOZ
  • Best of the Web

What are directories? Put simply, they are websites that include links to other websites that are listed by topic. Directories used to be considered more important for passing “link value” to a site; the onslaught of less “SEO friendly” directories soured search engines, such as Google, from assigning too much weight to a backlink from those kinds of sites. However, the three directories listed above are the originals, are still some of the most important and can be useful in terms of attaining some quality traffic to your site. In actuality, it is not even known if Google even consider the “premier” directories, like Yahoo! and DMOZ for link value, so it’s best to just submit to them and forget about it and be diligent with other link building strategies, as well.

There are also a plethora of other directories out there, but the majority of them are of extremely low quality as they are very spammy. Essentially, do your due diligence and ensure that any directory you submit your website to is SEO friendly and well respected. The dubious directories can be very easy to spot as they usually look unorganized, have thousands of random links and advertisements on their homepage and tend to have a very low PageRank or no PageRank whatsoever.

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