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March 8 2016

Save Some Time with Google Analytics Keyboard Shortcuts

by Grant Marlowe

In this blog post we will cover a topic that everyone is interested in: saving time! Keyboard shortcuts help save time when you are frequently toggling between two different tabs, functions, tools etc. For example, in Photoshop, rather than dragging your mouse ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SCREEN (phew how exhausting) to change from “paintbrush” to a “color selector” tool, you can instead use a keystroke and switch to your color selector instantly.

While many computer programs and applications offer keyboard shortcuts, it has come to my attention that not many people are aware that there are some useful shortcuts available in the Google Analytics (GA) interface. There are several shortcuts that can be used in GA to access different reports, adjust the date range, toggle the help menu, and more. In this blog post, the keyboard shortcuts that are currently available in Google Analytics are divided into two sections: Application shortcuts and Date Range shortcuts.Read More

February 18 2016

Utilizing ‘Visitors Flow’ to Improve User Experience and Conversions

by Jason Brewster

Google Analytics is excellent at collecting a vast wealth of information out of the box, much of this information is presented in rollups like device categories, channel groupings, or landing pages.

What is much harder to visualize is the user flow. In order to present how a user will “flow” from page to page.

If Google presented a list of all of the flows in a simple table it would look ridiculous; the flow names would get too long to read, and many of the long tail pages would be underrepresented.

So what is the solution? Google Analytics Behavioral Flow Reports.Read More

November 25 2015

5 Mobile Website Tips for Better Conversion Rates

by Tony Fazzini

As more and more users leverage mobile devices, companies struggle to create a great user experience. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when trying to create a favorable mobile experience:Read More

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