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March 6 2013

Google Releases Offer Extensions in Enhanced Campaigns

by Anne Garcia

Last year Google announced Offer Extensions from AdWords where advertisers are able to showcase redeemable offers like deals, rebates and coupons through paid search text ads on search engine result pages. Previously Offer Extensions were available only through Beta, but with Google’s introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, this sitelink extension is available to all advertisers.

Advertisers will be prompted to enter details on each specific offer, redemption and distribution dates as well as terms and conditions of the offer. Like other ad sitelinks in Enhanced Campaigns, Offer Extensions can be scheduled to show on specific days of the week as well as times of the day.

Offer Extensions are a great way to promote limited-time offers on your website through paid search ads. In addition, advertisers can track performance of these extensions to see how many clicks, impressions and conversions came from these added links.

To implement Offer Extensions, go to the Ad extensions tab within Google AdWords, and select View: Offer Extensions from the dropdown menu.

March 4 2013

Bing Ads Introduces New Extensions to Increase Visibility

by Anne Garcia

Bing ads has introduced new extensions to its paid search text ad formats to allow for increased visibility on the search engine results page as well as additional ways searchers can contact businesses.

Last year Bing Ads released location extensions to its text ad formats, and now the search engine has announced that it has made enhancements to location extensions by allowing advertisers to display up to three locations. In addition, advertisers can provide click-to-directions based on their business address.

Another extension format that Bing has released is Call Extensions, which is similar to Google AdWords’ Click-to-Call Extensions. With Call Extensions, a clickable business phone number is added below a mobile search ad description to make it easier for searchers to call a business phone number. Searchers will be able to call the business directly after clicking on the phone number extension from the text ad. See screen shot below.

In addition to Call Extensions, Bing is introducing Call-Only ads. With this new ad format, a clickable business phone number is part of the default URL in the mobile search ad and a user will be prompted to call a business phone number rather than being directed to a web site. Call-Only ads are a good format choice for advertisers who do not have mobile-friendly websites and are able to field phone calls.

February 15 2013

New Sitelinks Features Available in Enhanced Campaigns

by Anne Garcia

With the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, sitelinks are getting an entire revamp. The following are several updates to sitelinks within Google AdWords to increase advertiser performance.

  • Ad schedule sitelinks for a specific time of day. For example, if your office is only open from 9AM to 5PM, you can enable click-to-call extensions to show only during those hours. In addition, you can create sitelinks specific to mobile devices.

  • Sitelinks will be able to be implemented at the ad group level; previously it was at the campaign level. This will allow advertisers to create more relevant, specific text links to send traffic to. With legacy campaigns, all sitelinks would be rotated throughout all of the ad groups within the campaign.
  • Reporting for sitelinks will be at the individual link level, instead of at the campaign level. Find out which specific link is receiving the most clicks and conversions.
  • The character limit is being reduced from 35 to 25.
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