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April 22 2015

Should You “Boost” that Post? Smart Strategies Behind Paid Distribution

by Lauren Owens

You put a lot of work into creating your social content. Maybe several departments are involved. Or maybe, you have a single savvy social marketer with a knack for Photoshop and a winning turn of phrase. Whatever the case, once that content is published, it’s left largely to the fates: When was your core audience online? What else was going on that day? Did enough people see, and participate with, your post in order to garner wider distribution?Read More

April 7 2015

How to Advertise on Reddit and Pick Relevant Subreddits

by Charlie Scholz

You might have heard of a site with a lot of cute pictures of cats, interesting “ask me anything” interviews (known as AMAs) and an infinite amount of topics to browse. This site is called Reddit, and when it comes to linking & social sharing online, it has become the go to platform. Over 151 million unique visitors were “redditing” in February 2015 alone. The best part? You can run paid advertising to reach users relevant to your business. No topic, industry or niche is untouched!Read More

February 3 2015

Did Facebook Overshadow Twitter at the Super Bowl?

by Charlie Crespo

super-bowl-twitterOn February 1, you, like almost every other American, were probably glued to your seat watching Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Although there’s no way you missed any of the action on the field, especially the game-winning interception by Malcolm Butler of the New England Patriots, you may have not noticed an equally compelling match happening at the same time.

Unlike the Super Bowl though, this event wasn’t about physical competition. Rather, this contest saw two heavyweights of social media, Facebook and Twitter, squaring off. On Super Bowl Sunday, Facebook used two relatively new strategies in an attempt to encroach on Twitter’s status as the most popular real-time social network.Read More

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