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July 7 2015

Tagging Links to Track Your Various Social Efforts

by Lauren Owens

Many clients ask why they should bother tagging their social media marketing links when Google Analytics “buckets” traffic from the social source. The answer is: you likely have a lot of different sources of traffic coming to you via the social channels – it’s helpful to segment to see which of your traffic is a result of your paid and social efforts, and which is the result of an “organic” share.

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September 24 2014

The Difference Between Automation & Scheduling in Social Media

by Chris Naff

Do you automate your social media updates? Or do you schedule your updates? If do you one or both, you’re not alone. The two methods sound similar, but there is a difference. The distinction may sound semantic, but it is important to understand these terms.
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February 24 2014

Forget What You’ve Heard… Social Media is About Building Relationships

by Marissa Mele

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla surrounding social media marketing. Things like monitoring the changes in Facebook’s EdgeRank or Pinterest’s ever-changing contest rules can be overwhelming. But social media isn’t about rules, trends or even posts. It’s about people.

As such, any social media marketing strategy that doesn’t put your customers first misses the point.

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