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August 3 2018

Maximize Your Reach with Paid Social Media Ads

by Serina Fignole

Are you fully maximizing your chance to reach and engage your target audience(s) online? Paid Social Media ads in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, are a great way to achieve this. These platforms allow brands to deliver hyper-targeted ads to qualified viewers and drive more effective traffic to their websites.

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May 23 2013

Twitter Introduces Timeline Keyword Targeting to All Advertisers

by Anne Garcia

Last month Twitter introduced Keyword Targeting in Timeline, which allows advertisers to target users based on the keywords within their Tweets or Tweets that they have recently engaged with. Advertisers can easily select the keywords that they would like to target and then layer in targeting for location, device and gender.

This new option allows advertisers to reach users at the right time and in the right contexts based on keywords to increase reach, drive user engagement and leverage a person’s real-time intent.

Previously, advertisers had to commit to an expensive and lengthy media buy to be able to reach Twitter users via Timeline keyword targeting. Now advertisers can easily create campaigns on a cost-per-engagement model — so they are only paying if someone re-tweets or replies to the Promoted Tweet. In addition, Promoted Tweets are on an auction-based model so you can set bids as to how much you’d prefer to pay for a user’s engagement.

Below is an example of a Promoted Tweet within a user’s Timeline on

July 29 2008

Social Ad Spending Not Keeping Up With User Hype

by MoreVisibility

A recent study by JupiterResearch reports that half of all advertisers are spending less than 5% of their online budgets on social media ads in 2008, which is a much smaller chunk of the pie compared to Search and Display. Larger marketers have been the most hesitant in getting more involved with advertising on Social Media due to challenges with measuring ROI and brand metrics.

Overall, marketers are still unclear on how to leverage this emerging channel and how to measure results. In addition, marketers have limited performance history to use as a comparison with the channel. Social Media publishers realize there are some issues, and are beginning to offer more tools to marketers to help ease any worries.

Social Media users are flocking to these sites, but that doesn’t equate to interaction with the ads. According to a recent MediaPost article, 54% of users never click on ads, 39% occasionally click on ads, and only 7% often respond to Social Ads.

As social media publishers like FaceBook and MySpace continue to offer more tools to advertisers to help them customize their campaigns, there should be a higher adoption of the channel and increased budgets should soon follow.

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