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April 14 2010

Twitter will provide targeted ads

by MoreVisibility

Twitter is about to roll out ads to it’s users.  After four years of data mining I would imagine that these ads will be highly targeted.   Approximately ten advertisers, such as Starbucks, Virgin American and Best Buy will participate as they ramp up from yesterday’s roll out to 2% to 10% of their users according to the Wall Street Journal.

The San Francisco firm will leverage a new service, Promoted Tweets, in which ads will appear at the top of the search results.   Advertisers will be charged per thousand impressions, with plans for a more complex model based on users interactions with the message to come.

It will be a valuable tool for the marketers anxious to engage Gen Y or Millennials, the demographic most technologically connected in every aspect of their lives.    Brands have had a tough time reaching Gen Ys, since they use the Internet for all aspects of their lives and are not likely to be heavy readers of printed material or viewers of traditional commercial based TV shows.  Millennials get it all on the Internet with guidance from friends and consumption of content at all times and places during their day.   Some believe that this generation is the most coveted buying group due to their consumption rate being  five times that of  Baby Boomers.   Marketers will be anxious to court this generation on their own turf, and Promoted Tweets will be a highly measurable  method to achieve this goal.

Social media has to be a component of one’s overall marketing strategy and probably already is even for those not actively pursuing.  These social media communities will discuss your goods or services either with your contribution or without, its your choice.

May 14 2009

Branding Availability in Social Media

by Nydia Davis

As business owners continue to learn and accept social media, urgency of branding awaits. The more social media is exposed to business owners on a personal level, the more acceptable and suitable it should become for their businesses to engage in these channels. The popularity of social media is too hard to ignore. But as business owners are starting to engage, one frequent incident they may encounter is the unavailability of acquiring their brand terms for page/profile names.

It’s an even greater challenge to try and have the same branding page name throughout all social media networks. To avoid this, business owners should look for emerging channels and preserve their branding names in new social media networks as they arise. If a business owner feels that social media is important to their business or that it could be, they should look into the availability of some of their branding terms.

So log-on. A good practice would be to go into Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Twitter and begin to create accounts and get a feel for what’s still available in the order of your branding terms and try to create a “super-user” name in all the networks. This shows a strong branding presence and could precisely connect users to your profile across other networks.

Even if you don’t have immediate plans for setting up social media profile pages, you still need to secure your brand. If not, your competitors and venture opportunists will. If finding time to put into social media networks is your biggest obstacle, Morevisibility offers these services.

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