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December 21 2016

Content Curation Ideas for Your Social Channels

by Shanine Dorta

Coming up with content for your social media channels can be a challenge. You don’t want to post just for posting sake but rather post informative news about your company or industry, or share content that will engage and entertain your audience. Following are a few ideas to help inspire you.

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February 12 2015

Understanding Different Types of Social Media Management Tools

by Charlie Crespo

social-media-marketing-toolsTrust us; we feel your pain. As a marketer, you’re busy in a number of different areas, one of which is almost certainly social media. Within your social media umbrella, you’re likely running several campaigns, with each campaign utilizing separate platforms. It’s easy for things to get out of control.

Due to that, it’s crucial to find ways that can make running distinct campaigns as efficient as possible. One technique to achieve this efficiency is to use social media marketing tools. Once you discover social media marketing tools that work for you, you’ll look back on the days before you had them in your arsenal and wonder how you ever got by without them. Before choosing specific tools however, it’s important to understand the different categories of tools that are out there and how each can be helpful.

In this post, we’ll discuss three different categories of social media management tools and their advantages. In addition, we will provide a few specific examples from each category that you can test.Read More

September 24 2014

The Difference Between Automation & Scheduling in Social Media

by Chris Naff

Do you automate your social media updates? Or do you schedule your updates? If do you one or both, you’re not alone. The two methods sound similar, but there is a difference. The distinction may sound semantic, but it is important to understand these terms.
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