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May 31 2018

Leveraging Social Channels for Email Database Growth

by Serina Fignole

As marketing budgets continue to shift away from traditional marketing, the digital capture of customer and prospect information is crucial to connecting with them online. The use of digital channels can fast-track the growth of an organization’s email database.

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August 17 2016

Tips for Instagram Stories

by Chuck Forbes

Instagram announced last week they are rolling out “Stories” in what seems to be an effort to keep up with SnapChat in the social landscape. Instagram Stories will now let you share highlights of your day with your followers. Like SnapChat, you can record a video or take a picture equipped with filters and a text overlay if you wish to customize your post. Your Instagram Stories will be available for your audience to see for 24 hours and then they will disappear permanently. When you log-in to Instagram you will notice your followers Stories at the top of your newsfeed, prominently displayed by their default profile picture.

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June 21 2016

Make Video Ads From Your Phone with YouTube Director

by Shanine Dorta

A topic that’s front and center in today’s digital world is video. (We’ve even discussed it in a recent blog post.) Folks are turning to YouTube more and more these days. In fact, data shows that watch time on YouTube is up at least 50% year over year.* If you’re not actively partaking in the video space, you may be missing out on a big piece of the pie. Don’t have the resources to create videos to tout your business’ products and services? Well, thanks to YouTube Director, your life just got easier.

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