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March 30 2022

Digital Marketing Insights for Older Demographics

by Chuck Forbes

The fifty-five and older demographic is often advertised to the least or neglected all together when finalizing both paid and organic digital strategy. If this demographic truly serves your business no purpose, then naturally allocating a large number of resources doesn’t make sense. However, if they can be a part of your business model and help your sales grow, but you haven’t explored the potential of this demographic – here are further insights on why it may be worth doing.

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October 4 2021

Instagram Update: Take Your Time Viewing Stories

by Chuck Forbes

If you opened Instagram recently you may have noticed a change in the way you are able to view your stories. Stories from accounts you follow will now play on a 15 second loop instead of expiring and automatically moving on to the next. To continue to the next story post, you tap the right side of your screen just like before – but now it is when you are ready. The bar at the top of your screen that measures how far along the story is until completed is now removed. I didn’t think the change was that impactful until I began using the app longer.

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October 1 2021

Social Media Is Dead to You if You Are One of These Networks

by April Nelson

In 2021, these six social networks are dead. While they pioneered some of the technology that powers the dominant social channels today, these once-thriving channels could not adapt and survive among a growing field of social media competitors. How did they die and where are they now?
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