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August 17 2016

Tips for Instagram Stories

by Chuck Forbes

Instagram announced last week they are rolling out “Stories” in what seems to be an effort to keep up with SnapChat in the social landscape. Instagram Stories will now let you share highlights of your day with your followers. Like SnapChat, you can record a video or take a picture equipped with filters and a text overlay if you wish to customize your post. Your Instagram Stories will be available for your audience to see for 24 hours and then they will disappear permanently. When you log-in to Instagram you will notice your followers Stories at the top of your newsfeed, prominently displayed by their default profile picture.

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April 28 2016

Relationship Marketing Through Storytelling

by Syreeta Lockett

Products and services have benefits. Most customers have a reason why they use your product or service. Understanding the benefit of your product and service, and allowing your customers to help shape your brand’s story, could compel more people to become customers of your brand.

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December 15 2015

Social Media Strategy for Total Web Presence Management

by Matt Crowley

When reviewing a company’s social media strategy, marketers far too often focus only on what occurs in a platform like Facebook, rather than the entire digital ecosystem. For example, attention is often paid to the engagement that a company receives in the form of comments and shares within Facebook. However, companies rarely focus on how their social media team can work with the SEO team to ensure maximum visibility. The digital marketing ecosystem continues to become more and more interconnected – such as with Tweets being returned in Google search results – increasing the importance of collaboration across teams.Read More

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