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December 16 2016

The Art of Show, Not Tell

by Syreeta Lockett

Instead of telling, why not show? Marketers have relied heavily on PowerPoint to compile digital presentations to prospective clients and relay ideas to internal management and acquire new clients. Although PowerPoint is a very useful tool, there are many times when giving the client or executive a tangible example can go further.

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January 31 2014

The Elements of Good Storytelling & How You Can Use Storytelling in Marketing

by Lauren Owens

In an earlier post, we told you that the best way to capture an audience is to tell a story. If you’re not a natural storyteller, the very prospect of having to tell one may strike fear into your well-meaning heart. Never fear, in this post, we’re going to strip storytelling down to its three most basic elements with help from this simple, six-second Vine from Lowes.

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January 13 2014

Want to Capture an Audience? Tell a Story

by Lauren Owens

The internet is a highly competitive environment. And your competitors aren’t necessarily who you think they are. In addition to your traditional competitors, you’re also competing with ads, social media feeds, GIFs, and the sheer abundance of information on the web. How can a brand cut through the clutter and command attention?

By telling a story.

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