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October 4 2016

5 Marketing Strategies that Niche Businesses Should Be Using

by Angela Glanzman

If you are a marketer or business owner of a highly specialized industry, defining and implementing a targeted and strategic marketing plan is critical. Without the luxury of mass appeal, your niche marketing efforts must attract and engage your unique audience, abandoning the one-size-fits-all models that wastes money and yields minimal return.

Fortunately, the evolution of the digital marketing landscape has generated new and increasingly sophisticated marketing tactics, equipping specialized businesses with the ability to promote their company effectively.

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May 14 2010

Watch and Learn With Twitter

by Andrew Wetzler

No matter if you ever plan to “tweet”, or are active in other social media channels like Facebook or YouTube, I encourage you to sign up for a Twitter account and begin to follow some people / organizations. The reason to do this is because I believe that Twitter and whatever comes next is so dramatically different than anything before, you need to begin watching and learning. If you start paying attention now, as Twitter evolves you will have an historical perspective on what’s transpired, to appreciate and capitalize on where things are going.

A logical question would be…who should I follow? The answer would be anyone or any organization that interests you. For example, people who are leaders in your industry, places that you like to travel to, sports or sporting teams that you follow, restaurants you like, etc.

It almost doesn’t matter who you follow, because you can modify the list of people / organizations at any time. The point is that by dipping your toe in the water, long before you even think about actually tweeting yourself, that you should start watching how Twitter works. The potential uses of this real time publishing for businesses appear to be limitless and I think it will become an integral dimension of your marketing efforts in the not too distant future.

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