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December 21 2011

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

by Anne Garcia

Still not convinced that you need to specifically target mobile and/or tablet devices in your AdWords campaigns? I would recommend that you run a Device Segmented report — under “Segment” click ‘Device’:

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

Your campaign performance data will be broken out by Computers, Mobile devices with full browsers and Tablets with full browsers like the screen shot below.

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

As you can see from the screen shot above, the average cost-per-click (CPC) for both mobile devices and tablets is considerably lower than the average CPC of a computer. By specifically creating campaigns for mobile and tablet devices, you will be able to lower your CPC bids for these campaigns, thus ultimately lowering your cost per conversion and advertising spend.

So now that you are ready to specifically target mobile devices and tablets, you will want to look at the Devices in your Settings tab. Make sure that your new campaign is only targeting mobile, and also note that you will want to remove Mobile devices as a selection from your Computers campaign. You can also target mobile devices based on their operating system.

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

For more information on mobile campaigns, click here. Happy segmenting!

December 12 2011

Tis the Season to Go Mobile

by Anne Garcia

During this holiday shopping season, consumers are consulting mobile devices for holiday shopping more than ever before, according to eMarketer. Smartphones are quickly becoming on-the-go shopping assistants, a la iPhone’s Siri.

Shoppers are using mobile devices for product research, online shopping and help in making purchase decisions while in brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, certain product categories like books, CDs and DVDs, video games, clothing and electronics drive more smartphone usage than others.

This time of year, it is important to be in the consumers’ eyes, especially if you have an e-commerce web site. One easy way to become visible to the mobile customer and get quick results is to segment your pay per click (PPC) traffic to specifically target mobile devices. One important item to note is that you do not have to have a mobile website in order use mobile targeting.

You can simply target mobile devices in the Settings tab of each PPC campaign that you create. Also note that you should exclude mobile devices from your desktop campaigns in order to avoid your campaigns from competing against one another.

According to Google, the average mobile cost-per-click (CPC) is approximately $0.05 to $0.10 cheaper than its counterpart desktop CPC, so not only will your ad be visible to mobile visitors, but you will also be paying less for these visitors.

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