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December 20 2023

Your Robots.txt File and Why Frequent SEO Audits Are Crucial

by Chuck Forbes

I have had the opportunity to work with many clients during my tenure at MoreVisibility, and no matter the client or goal, our team has succeeded because we all have a passion for finding out the “why” within digital marketing strategies. I was discussing SEO strategy with a client, more specifically “why” some of their organic rankings took a hit. With the help from our SEO experts and hearing what the client was seeing within their reporting, we were able to pinpoint a major flaw on their site where the robots.txt file was not properly placed. I thought this was a great example to share, not only for the knowledge of how to use a robots.txt file, but also to shed light on the importance of frequent SEO audits. Too often SEO site audits are put on the backburner because SEO rankings can take longer to optimize for than paid advertising. Naturally, if a company is looking to show results fast, optimizing their paid advertising strategy can be where most of the time is spent. Here is a refresher on robots.txt files and some great tips on how thinking about SEO differently can lead to a more stable auditing calendar for your team.

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September 12 2023

How to Handle Internal Site Search Results for SEO (Block, Noindex, Canonical?)

by Matt Crowley

There is a common question that we run into, both internally and from clients. That is, how should I handle internal site search result pages?

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January 9 2023

3 WordPress Plugins to help manage your website’s SEO

by Corey Pensky

When it comes to ensuring your website remains visible in search results, managing a WordPress site can be a challenging task. Below I will provide a brief overview of 3 WordPress plugins that will ensure you have the tools to properly manage your sites SEO.

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