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May 16 2022

The Anatomy of Successful Landing Pages

by Anthony Gallegos

A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. Landing pages are stand-alone pages from your website and are designed to market one specific item heavily and drive up the sales for it. You can have a landing page to generate more leads by offering a free e-book, encourage a purchase by offering a coupon, or nurture a relationship by encouraging signups for a digital or live event.

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February 28 2019

Google Ads’ Average Position Metric Is Going Away

by Charlie Scholz

Average Position has often been used as the source of truth in evaluating where ads are showing or the level of competition for any given campaign, ad group, ad or keyword. While this has been useful over the years, Google Ads is going to sunset this metric and replace with new metrics that were created to give a clearer view of how prominent your ad is on search results.

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November 5 2018

Enhance Your Targeting With Google Ads Detailed Demographics

by David Saenz

Launched earlier this year, detailed demographics is a new set of targeting parameters to fine tune Google Ads Campaigns. Some of the additional parameters include parental status, marital status, education, and home ownership status.

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