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February 19 2015

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing for Your Audience

by Charlie Crespo

When writing any type of content, it’s vital to do so with a specific audience in mind. Without taking this initial step, it’s likely that whatever you end up producing will not be nearly as effective as it could have been. This post will address some common mistakes writers make when writing for a specific audience and some easy ways to correct those issues.Read More

November 18 2014

Understanding Deep Links In Bing

by Andrea Hamilton

I recently received an email from a client regarding their organic search results in Bing. They had discovered that a few links below their company listing were old and outdated. Within Bing, these sitelinks or “deep links” (as they are referred to by Bing) can be very helpful. As seen in the example below, the search result with deep links allows your listing to take up more “real estate” on the search engine results page, which helps present your business as more of an authority and visually pushes your competition lower on the page.

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September 22 2014

Niche Search Engines Part 3: Wolfram|Alpha

by Michael Bergbauer

The next entry in our series continues the theme of differentiation. Google’s mission (on the search engine front) is to organize the information on the web and make it readily accessible. Wolfram|Alpha has the same goal, but takes a completely different approach – providing users with results they can’t get anywhere else.
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