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May 20 2024

Salesforce and Google Analytics (GA4) Integration – New for 2024!

by Theo Bennett

CRM integration with Google Analytics (GA4) has always been an advanced technique that, when implemented, let’s savvy practitioners optimize their site’s UX, Marketing, and Content to what really matters: more revenue.

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January 26 2024

Optimizing Your Social Channels for Search Results

by Chuck Forbes

When we think about organic rankings, search engine optimization comes to mind. But there is another opportunity for organic search results from your social media channels. These rankings could prove just as valuable if you look at the user journey. A user clicking to your social media channel from organic rankings is making a pitstop on the way to your website. Instead of a direct line of traffic to your website from search, you can now gain a follower, post engagement, and still provide the user your website link.

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December 11 2023

Conversational Marketing Strategy is Key

by Chuck Forbes

Conversational marketing strategy puts a priority on real-time connections between the business and the customer or client. Examples you see on websites are chatbots, social media message automations, live chats and answers that include resources from a specific customer question. The art of conversational marketing is not about being efficient, but about being memorable. If you are memorable to your customer, you were probably efficient in answering their questions, but also left other positive impressions through your dialogue and website technology behind the scenes. If your business utilizes conversational marketing, here are some great tips to keep in mind:

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