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March 5 2021

Is Blogging Right for Your Organization

by Carla Presser

To Blog or not to Blog?

That is the question many organizations are asking themselves. If your organization is considering adding a blog to their website, you may be asking yourself:

Is anyone interested in what we have to say? 

Is blogging worth it?

Is it time well spent?

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February 12 2021

A Strategist’s Favorite Measurements in Google Analytics

by Marissa Dilione

As a Client Strategist, I find myself spending 50% of my time in Google Analytics analyzing the data to identify additional opportunities for my clients. There is so much to review and there is always something to learn from each unique metric. Below are a few of my favorite measurements that I look for when diving in.

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February 5 2021

Knowing When to Optimize Your Historical Blog Posts

by April Nelson

Blog posts can be a great way to drive organic traffic to your website and you may even find some posts among your website’s most highly visited pages. Over time however, blog posts tend to receive fewer impressions, generating fewer website visits. Consider updating older blog posts as part of your content optimization strategy. Updating blog posts for optimization can be more nuanced than “regular” web pages. “Optimization” or “updates” can refer to all elements of a post, including meta data, on-page copy, and related assets (images, video, etc.). Ultimately, it depends on the keyword, user intent tied to the keyword, and the content.

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