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August 31 2020

3 Development Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

by Corey Pensky

When a user visits your website, it is important for the page that they land on to load as quickly and efficiently as possible to provide your user the best experience possible. This can have great benefits for user experience, SEO, advertising efforts, and conversion rates. According to a Google post on the importance of page speed, sites such as Pinterest have seen search engine traffic increases of 15% by reducing page wait times. While this case study may be from 2017, all of their major points still hold true today.  Based on the above statistics, as well as our own experience, speeding your website up by even just a couple of seconds could mean the difference between a positive user experience, and a negative one.

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July 14 2020

Trends Digital Marketers Are Witnessing with Online Behavior Since COVID-19

by Marissa Dilione

While many consumers have now been working from home for a full quarter, and businesses have adapted to the new normal, what does that mean for online businesses? For digital marketers, we see this as an opportunity to analyze the data we have under our belts to make better business decisions based off the trends we have seen these past few months.

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June 23 2020

Use These Ad Extensions to Help Keep Your Google Ads Relevant

by April Nelson

Callout Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions are ideal for helping to keep your Paid Search ads fresh. They allow you to quickly and easily extend your ads with general information that’s relevant to your entire business. These extensions provide users with additional information and more reasons to click your ads. This can lead to increases in CTR and more qualified visitors coming to your website.

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