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November 11 2022

Google Data Studio is Now Looker Studio: What Does this Mean?

by Harrison Mateika

On October 12th, Google announced that their flagship dashboard platform Data Studio will be rebranded as Looker Studio. This raises many questions, but the most immediate one is: what has changed?

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August 10 2022

Why You Need to Set Up GA4 Right Now

by Harrison Mateika

With Google announcing that they will be sunsetting Universal Analytics (GA3) in July of 2023 for the standard version and October of 2023 for the 360, it is now apparent that businesses will need to make their migration to GA4 by that date. However, businesses that are not migrating to GA4 in the present are falling far behind.  Here are the broad reasons why your business should make this transition as soon as possible.

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May 9 2022

What is Offsite SEO and Why Does it Matter?

by Andrew Wetzler

Most people associate the term search engine optimization with keywords, but SEO goes well beyond incorporating keywords into website content. However, there are many off-site SEO factors that can influence whether search engines view your site as a trustworthy authority. To give your site the best chance at earning top-ranking slots, you will need to address both onsite and offsite SEO factors.

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