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December 10 2014

Using Twitter for B2B Marketing

by Lauren Owens

Social media marketing is often thought of as a B2C game. And in large part, it is – Facebook drives a quarter all referral traffic to e-commerce and lifestyle sites, with Pinterest right behind it. But social media marketing can and should and go beyond simple traffic referrals. One of the biggest reasons to participate in social media is, after all, to socialize.

As such, businesses and their employees have the ability to turn social platforms into a kind of global water cooler. LinkedIn is the obvious choice – and B2B marketers who treat LinkedIn as a social network that should be regularly updated have seen success. But Twitter is more widely used by thought leaders, executives, and the press. This makes it an obvious choice for B2B marketers to connect with, make an impression on, and yes, even sell to, their target audience.Read More

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