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August 17 2022

Pop Culture and Social Media Marketing

by Aifton Coleman

Dig deep into your memory…it’s 2014 and the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is everywhere. You couldn’t open Instagram or Twitter without seeing the challenge on your feeds. It simply took over the nation and possibly the world for a few weeks. A report from RTI International indicates that the 2014 challenge increased annual funding for research by 187 percent. Of course, this is great for the research and the association, but you may be asking yourself, “how does that help my business”?

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October 11 2021

Twitter Reactions Are Coming

by Chuck Forbes

Facebook and LinkedIn have gotten users acclimated with post reactions. No longer does the simple “like” stand up to the post options users now have to express their feelings. We have all seen them and probably began to use them at some point. Here are some current post reaction options for users on Facebook and LinkedIn:

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June 22 2020

Twitter Goes Vocal

by Danielle Leitch

In a nod toward the ever popular podcast movement, Twitter just announced a new feature they are rolling out called Voice Tweets. Currently this is only offered for iOS users (no word on Android yet) and not everyone has this functionality in their account yet. To see if your account has been activated for this, look for the new audio sound icon, next to the image carousal, as shown in the image below to the far left. Once you click on that, you will be live to voice record – illustrated in the middle image below.

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