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June 3 2016

Upgrading to Google’s Universal Analytics? 3 Things You Need to Know

by Shanine Dorta

By now you know that deploying Google Analytics tracking code (GATC) on your site is vital in obtaining insight into user acquisition & behavior, measuring campaign performance, and understanding conversion attribution. But do you know that by deploying the Universal Analytics version of the GATC you’re able to take advantage of more features and obtain better insight? Following are the top 3 questions we receive regarding upgrading to Universal Analytics.Read More

March 12 2014

GA 101: Getting Started in Google Analytics

by Tony Villanova

Know you should be using Google Analytics but just not sure how to get started? You’re not alone. Many webmasters understand the value of Google Analytics but simply don’t know how to even set it up. So in this post, we’re walking you though the step-by-step process of creating an account, placing your tracking code and implementing Universal Analytics.Read More

December 23 2013

6 Easy Steps to Creating a UA-ID Macro in Google Tag Manager (GTM)

by Tony Villanova

When deploying Universal Analytics on your website through Google Tag Manager (GTM), you will need to reference your UA-ID. This step-by-step process will not only help you in the early stages of deploying Universal Analytics through GTM, but will come in handy any time you need to reference your UA-ID.

Read More

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