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March 25 2022

3 Key Differentiators: Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

by Nicholas Hooker

Understanding a new robust analytics platform like Google Analytics 4 can be quite challenging for a marketer who has worked with Universal Analytics for most of their career, but should not discourage you. This new generation of Google Analytics has fundamental and complex changes which will require a learning curve. This is not to say you should abandon Universal Analytics, but rather start tracking Google Analytics 4 in parallel.

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March 17 2022

GA-4 to Take Over, Universal Analytics to Sunset July 2023

by Danielle Leitch

As many of you know, Google has been working to build out the infrastructure for a new version of Google Analytics (known as Google Analytics 4 or GA4). This will be a replacement of the current version of Google Analytics most of you use (called Universal Analytics).

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June 3 2016

Upgrading to Google’s Universal Analytics? 3 Things You Need to Know

by Shanine Dorta

By now you know that deploying Google Analytics tracking code (GATC) on your site is vital in obtaining insight into user acquisition & behavior, measuring campaign performance, and understanding conversion attribution. But do you know that by deploying the Universal Analytics version of the GATC you’re able to take advantage of more features and obtain better insight? Following are the top 3 questions we receive regarding upgrading to Universal Analytics.Read More

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