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July 9 2015

Passive Content Generation: How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews

by Lauren Owens

Passive content, or user-generated content, has been all the rage in recent years, and there’s no better form of user-generated content than reviews. Product reviews are enormously helpful – and not just for your users. Pages with customer reviews can help improve the uniqueness of your content while also helping your product pages maintain their freshness – both important aspects for SEO. So, how do you encourage users to write reviews for your site?Read More

March 31 2015

User-Generated Content: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Charlie Crespo

You’ve probably heard the term “user-generated content” before, but what exactly does that mean?

User-generated content is loosely defined as any material used by a brand on its website or social media platforms that is produced by users of that brand. If you are active in social media, you’ve likely heard this term used or even considered using user-generated content as part of a social campaign at some point. User-generated contentRead More

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