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April 13 2016

Make Sense of Your Traffic with UTM Tagging

by Khrysti Nazzaro

Do you know that by default Google Analytics doesn’t know the difference between an editorial link published in an article on a website and a banner ad you’ve placed on that same website? If you don’t specifically tag your links from that marketing effort with UTM parameters, then traffic from the ad will just be bucketed into a referral from that website. If you do properly tag, however, then you’ll see both any referral traffic from editorial links and, separately, any campaign-specific traffic from your paid banner ad. This ability to better divide your data is particularly important when you’re paying for placement and want to be able to ascertain how much traffic and how many conversions came from the ad vs. a more “natural” referral.

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July 29 2015

Best Practices for Custom Campaign Tagging in Google Analytics

by Natacha Kenol

When you’re running multiple online marketing campaigns across several different platforms, you want to be able to measure how well your campaigns are performing by watching for how many users they are bringing in, whether those users are purchasing or taking a desired action on your site, etc.Read More

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