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January 21 2010

View-Through Conversion Tracking an Advocate for Display Ads

by Katherine Bennett

Some internet marketers would agree that display ads on the content network don’t receive the credit they deserve. Some feel that only certain industries can do well with display ads in the content network.  However, Google has created view-through conversion tracking to help show advertisers and companies that display ads in the content network are producing results. 

View-through conversion tracking is an advocate for display ads in the content network. According to Google Adwords, view-through conversion tracking “provides a measure of the number of online conversions that happened within 30 days after a user saw, but did not click, a display ad on one of the sites on the Google Content Network.” View-through conversion tracking shows who went back and converted even though they didn’t click on the ad.

View-through conversion tracking is a great feature because it proves that ads can be triggering conversions even though there were no clicks. Think about it, when display advertising came out, it was on a cpm or (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Some marketers felt that this metric wasn’t convincing enough. People saw the ad, but that didn’t mean they were converting. As time went on Google offered cpc or (cost per click) ads and some marketers felt they were missing out because there ads weren’t being clicked on by consumers. View-through conversion tracking solves the issue for both parties. Whether an advertiser does cpm or cpc for display ads, they can see conversions that occurred, simply because someone saw an ad.  

Internet marketers can prove that display ads in the content network are producing results with Google’s view-through conversion tracking. The results are coming in from view-through conversion tracking and some people will be surprised. There are conversions coming in without a single click being made. View-through conversion tracking is definitely an asset for any internet marketer running display ads.

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