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December 28 2007

Smile. You’re on the Internet

by MoreVisibility

Web video exploded in 2007. It permanently altered the way we receive our information. Web videos are used for different purposes such as relaying breaking news, creating buzz over a new product, to watching a video of your friends doing something funny. The friendliness of a video allows the masses to relate on a personal level. It enables you to show the story, or a product in action; ultimately giving the user a much better understanding and experience.

News companies have taken advantage of the use of web video. For example, CNN has a feature called i-report that allows users to send in videos and in essence be a freelance reporter. These i-reports have helped break several of the most major news stories of the year, from the Virginia Tech massacre to the bridge collapse in Minnesota. They allow viewers to get a better feel for what is going on and get an unbiased perspective of the event taking place.

Web video has also been playing a big role in politics this year, and will only get bigger in 2008. With platforms like and other broadcasting sites, candidates are able to send out their messages to possibly everyone with internet access. It is a great vehicle for candidates to get out their message and relate to people on a more personal level. However, web video can also be detrimental to a candidate, or regular citizens for that matter. Since anyone with a video cell phone can post a video, the possibility of footage of you (flattering or not) ending up on the internet, is very real. Candidates especially need to be wary of everything they do.

Web video also plays a big role in marketing products and services. Companies, large and small, have realized that it is inexpensive and the reward potential is enormously high. If a web video gets some buzz, your marketing message could reach millions within minutes or hours. Remember, it can also have the opposite effect. You want your message to be creative, concise, and a little humor always helps.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of online video and therefore are allocating more of their marketing budget to internet video. The emergence of online video is getting stronger everyday. One trend that will likely grow in 2008 is professionally produced web video content. Especially, with the screenwriter’s guild still on strike, major networks are starting to focus more on producing high quality web shows. As the trend towards web video increases, so will video search results. Video search will most likely become more user-friendly and results will be increasingly relevant as the user demand increases.

All in all, Internet video has a very bright future. It is hard to predict exactly what form it will take, as the technologies and methods of delivery are constantly evolving. One thing can be said for sure, always be aware, because your next move could be viewed by millions.

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