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August 2 2010

Do Search Engines Have Any Boundaries?

by Jason Gorham

Everyone has to use a starting point when looking for information on the internet, that’s why search engines are so powerful.  

Our recent Google webinar had me wondering if search engines have any boundaries.  
Of course they have boundaries you would say.   Did you know mobile search will make up at least 50% of the search engine market within three years?   That means that search engines will not only dominate the desktop, but will be everywhere that you are.   One of the newest types of search features is Google Goggles.   Google Goggles allows mobile phone users to take pictures of books, landmarks, artwork, places and wine and then identify what the picture taken is.   The system identifies the picture and then searches based on what the item is.

Another new technology soon to be released is Speech to Search.   Instead of typing your search queries into a search engine on your mobile phone, you will be able to speak your search and have the search engine recognize your searches via voice. Speech recognition has been available for years, but combining search engines and speech recognition will increase search engines ease of use on mobile devices.   What if search engines knew what you were thinking of searching?   Is this the next phase for search engines?   What if search engines could understand your finger touch and be able to predict what you’re going to do or type next?   These are just a couple of examples of where search engines could go next, so the possibilities are boundless.

June 10 2010

How to Leverage LinkedIn as a Marketing Channel

by Jason Gorham

Join us: Wednesday, June 16th at 1pm EST (10am PST)
Can’t make the date? Also available on-demand

MoreVisibility and LinkedIn team up to bring you 10 ways to leverage LinkedIn by targeting their 7.9 million business decision-makers.
The topics to be covered include:

Targeting Decision Makers Utilizing LinkedIn DirectAds
Company Profile Creation & Benefits
Optimizing Your Profile To Attract More Customers
Creating and Answering Questions To Drive Leads
How Polls Can Increase Your Customer Awareness
Joining or Creating Groups To Interact Directly with Group Members
Create and Promote Company Events To Drive More Attendance

LinkedIn: Andrew Chang, Marketing Manager
MoreVisibility: Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President of Client Strategy
This webinar is 45 minutes. On-Demand webinar access will be provided after 06/16/2010

Space is limited. Register Here Now.

August 21 2008

Emphasis in Design – Part 2 – Photography

by Shawn Escott

When it comes to emphasis using photography, the same concept holds true from my last post regarding Emphasis in design: Part 1- Content. We want to have a main focal image and subordinate, enhancing images to strengthen our theme. We can accomplish this by utilizing subject, size and placement on the page.


In this blog post I’ll be referring to a landing page example MoreVisibility created for our Design and Usability Webinar. The challenge was to create a design for a fictitious beach town which could be used for an in-depth look at Search Engine Optimization design.

For our main image we chose a tropical photograph depicting the ocean, a clear blue sky, and a palm tree island. This image immediately evokes a calm and relaxing feeling and certainly strengthens our message of a tropical getaway.

The smaller thumbnail images in the left top corner support and enhance the viewer’s perception of a tropical getaway: Kids playing, a woman relaxing, a beautiful sunset, a vacation home, tropical palm trees, and a relaxing game of golf.

Questions to ask yourself when searching for photography.
What feelings do I want my users to experience when they see my images? For example: warm, fun, sunny, privacy, relaxing, cool breezes, etc.
How much emphasis should I give an image?
What will be the sizes, formats and placements for my images? The way you crop a photograph can make or break your design.
Will the colors in the photograph harmonize with my design?
Always keep in mind the cohesive feel of your design.

Lastly, don’t forget your “alt”tags

Check back soon for part 3:
Emphasis in Design: Graphics Elements

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