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May 9 2017

“Not Secure” Warnings on Your Website

by Fiorella Alvarado

Web browsers make it very easy for a user to know if a webpage with a form (that includes password and credit card fields) is on a non-secure connection. The alert is meant to prevent users from entering sensitive information that could be compromised upon submit.

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March 24 2017

Is Balancing User Experience and Search Engine Optimization Possible?

by Matt Crowley

We often receive questions from prospective clients related to how organizations can balance User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This question implies that there is an inherent tradeoff between the two, but that is actually a misnomer.

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December 16 2016

The Art of Show, Not Tell

by Syreeta Lockett

Instead of telling, why not show? Marketers have relied heavily on PowerPoint to compile digital presentations to prospective clients and relay ideas to internal management and acquire new clients. Although PowerPoint is a very useful tool, there are many times when giving the client or executive a tangible example can go further.

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