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November 24 2015

How Important Is SEO to Your Website Redesign?

by Khrysti Nazzaro

You’re taking the plunge and redesigning your website. Nothing’s going to deter you from staying on track – and schedule – especially all that buzz you keep hearing about SEO. SEO can wait, you need to get your mockups complete, your CMS setup, and your website live. Not so fast… what you may not realize is that the time SEO will take now is a fraction of the time, resources, and money it may cost later, if you wait until after launch to take it seriously. How important is SEO to your website redesign? It’s essential.Read More

January 8 2010

Web Design for 2010

by Michael Buczek

With the New Year here, it gives us all the opportunity for a fresh start.   A chance to reflect on the past year, and do things better in 2010.   While many of us are working on personal goals, it is important to use this opportunity for a fresh start with our websites and SEO efforts as well.  

So often we see that people are trying to “SEO” a website that is poorly designed, or features old technology.   In many cases SEO will bring these types of sites traffic, but when it comes to a conversion, the site may simply not have what it takes to turn lookers into buyers.   Think of your website as a virtual storefront.   When people “walk by”, are they enticed to enter?   You probably wouldn’t visit a mall and step into a store with products displayed from years ago would you?   The same concept goes for your website.   If your website is 3 or more years old, it is time to evaluate whether or not a redesign should be in store.

A website redesign can make SEO practices more effective and give your visitors a fresh view of the products and services you have to offer.   You can also utilize the latest technology to make your website faster and more user friendly.   When redesigning your website, here are some things you should consider

  • Study your analytics data to create a website structure.
  • Conduct keyword research during the process so you can put your most important pages up front.
  • Utilize CSS vs. Flash technology.
  • Listen to customer feedback, both good and bad.
  • Hire a professional.

A new website can help you to capture the attention of your prospective clients and help them to better find the information and services they are looking for.

August 2 2007

What do you mean by re-design?

by MoreVisibility

The trend is clear…re-design is the name of the game. However, listening to companies going through a re-design, it is not always clear what they mean by “I’m redesigning my site”. This term is being used lightly in some cases, it is a face lift, but in others, we are talking migration of platforms and more.

Not all scenarios can be advised the same way. A couple of years ago, graphics revolutionized design with the inclusion of flash and splash pages. Then, it took a while for people to realize that even though the sites were aesthetically pleasing; these languages were not Search Engine friendly. Now, we are here in a new redesign era where Search Engines are taken into consideration first and foremost by many businesses.

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