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May 12 2016

Refreshing Your Brand

by Syreeta Lockett

The web is ever-changing and your website should keep up. It may not be necessary for your company to undergo a full web design. It may be more beneficial to ‘tweak’ the existing design to keep your website up-to-date. MoreVisibility’s Design team is able to work with your current website to modernize it.

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May 3 2016

An Organizational Approach to Building New Websites For Mid-Size Businesses

by Syreeta Lockett

A website is more than pretty pictures and a Contact Us page. It’s the window into your business… as a whole. It’s typical for companies to approach the idea of a new website design by leaving it up to the Marketing department to provide direction, but that leads to missed opportunities.

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November 24 2015

How Important Is SEO to Your Website Redesign?

by Khrysti Nazzaro

You’re taking the plunge and redesigning your website. Nothing’s going to deter you from staying on track – and schedule – especially all that buzz you keep hearing about SEO. SEO can wait, you need to get your mockups complete, your CMS setup, and your website live. Not so fast… what you may not realize is that the time SEO will take now is a fraction of the time, resources, and money it may cost later, if you wait until after launch to take it seriously. How important is SEO to your website redesign? It’s essential.Read More

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