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February 16 2010

Are You Asking For Too Much from Your Visitors?

by Marni Weinberg

I speak with many clients on a daily basis with lead generation sites. Clearly, the most integral component of a lead generation site is obtaining leads. This typically occurs through an online form, which should qualify the visitor as well as possible. For example: Which specific service is your visitor interested in learning more about?

One of the biggest mistakes I see (unfortunately way too often) is an online form that has an excessive number of fields, which can be downright overwhelming. This is bad enough; however, some forms take it a step further and require that all of the fields be filled out before visitors can click to submit the form. This is a huge no no. You want your form to be brief, user friendly and with as few required fields as possible. If you require too many fields, you may lose potential leads. Reason being, the average person will not take a liking to being forced to tell you their entire life story (I am exaggerating a bit here) in order to obtain the requested information.

So what should the required fields be? Well, every company is different and it depends on the specific action item you are asking your visitor to take. I can give you my 2 cents….With a Newsletter signup, the only requirement I would have is a valid email address. You can then reach out to thank the visitor for their interest and see if they would like to speak with someone from your organization in more detail. For a Whitepaper download, you will want to know which particular whitepaper they are interested in; a drop down menu usually achieves this task. On our Website, one of the action items is to request a Free Search Engine Visibility Report. In order for our team to complete the requested report, we must have a website. Therefore, that is field is a requirement.

I encourage you to take a look at your online forms. Are they clean and professional looking with as little required fields as possible? If the answer is no, now is the time to make some modifications to improve your overall intake of leads.

November 16 2009

What Are You Thankful For?

by Marni Weinberg

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, how about taking the time to think about which aspects of your website and online marketing initiatives you are thankful for. From this list, you can determine what might be missing or lacking from your online efforts and expand and/or improve your efforts from there.

Be thankful if…

Your website is professional and polished looking and represents your company well.
Some components you should ensure are present on your website: Clear calls to action that are prominently displayed throughout the site; examples include but are not limited to: call us now, click here for more information, fill out this request form and download this whitepaper) easy and seamless navigation for both the search engines and the user and a Blog with new, up-to-date and relevant content.

Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Efforts are producing qualified leads and/or sales.
This is imperative. Do not waste precious advertising dollars on an ineffective advertising campaign. You should be able to track and monitor campaign performance, which brings me to my next item….

You have implemented an Analytics Tool that is providing ample data with respect to your website traffic. This is a mission critical piece of the puzzle, especially if you are paying to drive visitors to your website. Which keywords/engines are driving the most revenue? Which have a high bounce rate and should be eliminated from your keyword menu?

You have an effective (effective being the key word here) Social Media Strategy in place.
Having a Facebook page is simply not enough. How are you going to leverage your page to reach prospective clients, shoppers, etc? What are you posting on your Twitter page that is of interest to your consumers and ultimately driving more visitors to your website?

I am hopeful that this exercise can shed some light on any components that might be missing from your overall marketing strategy. If any of the above is not a component you can be thankful for, you ought to get to work and make it happen!

October 16 2009

Back to Basics with Blogs

by Marni Weinberg

If your website is missing a blog, you are not taking advantage of valuable opportunities like branding, achieving additional organic results, an increase in site visitors and the list goes on.

I often hear from clients that they just do not have the time to maintain a blog. At the risk of sounding impolite, this is simply not a good excuse. There is always time to write a blog post, especially being that it can be on any topic which is relevant to your business or industry. Let’s face it; you know your business better than anyone! Here are some questions I commonly get asked when the subject of blogs is brought up in conversation:

How Often Should I Update My Blog? It is recommended to update your blog at least once at week with original content. This is basically how it works: Search Engines love new and fresh content. The more updates your blog has, the more often the engines will come back to crawl it. The more often the engines crawl your blog, the more organic results you will potentially garner. It’s as simple as that.

In addition, updating your blog frequently will ensure that your visitors/readers have fresh content to read and also makes your blog (and your site) appear to be more credible.

How long should my blog post(s) be? This answer is somewhat debatable. Some experts will say anywhere from 250 to 500 words. We typically suggest approximately 250 words. You want the blog to be short, sweet and to the point.

Does it matter if my blog is onsite or offsite? It does; especially from an SEO perspective.  It is preferred that the blog be placed within your domain to achieve the best results possible.

What type of blog software is recommended?  There are several blog software options available depending on your specific site setup. We typically recommend Word Press and utilize this solution on our own blog.

Implementing a Blog is a fairly simple and fast way to start generating new and relevant content to your website. Happy Blogging!

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