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December 21 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Blogging

by Gerard Tollefsen

Here at MoreVisibility, I like to think we have a robust strategy in place for our corporate blogs.  Everyone in the company participates, writing one to two articles per month on a variety of industry related news, topics, and anything else we would like to share with our site visitors and the World Wide Web.  The last part of that sentence is important…our blogs are hosted on our site, but have the opportunity to get indexed by the search engines.  So while our blogs can be accessed by anyone visiting our site, we also can reach a wider audience when one of our blogs is indexed by the search engines.  In addition, writing the blog post is fairly easy to do – we all have tight deadlines and important projects to complete, but you can always find 30 minutes to write a blog, and that’s about as long as you need to write a good blog article.

There are many excellent reasons to start blogging.  In my opinion, there are two that stand out above all others as to why every company should be blogging, regardless of the product, service, or company size.  First, it is probably the easiest way to add content to your site.  For many businesses, there are multiple steps to adding a new page to their site, some of which involve a developer or web designer who may or may not be a full time employee of the company.  It is not uncommon to hear that it takes a week or longer to get a new page active on a website even after all the content for the page has been finalized.  If you have WordPress installed on your site, for example, you can write and post blogs immediately.  Each blog post will have its own unique url, thus creating new content (and new pages) for your site is a breeze!

Secondly, the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of consistent blogging cannot be understated, especially if you set up the blog the proper way as part of your main domain:  Creating fresh, relevant, and keyword rich content on a consistent basis is an excellent way to improve your SEO results.  The very nature of blogging is to create fresh and relevant content related to your business.  Optimize your blog articles with keyword rich content and you are employing a solid SEO strategy simply by blogging about your business.

This all sounds very simple, and for the most part it is.  There is some technical work involved in getting the blog started, but once you do…put the pedal to the metal and start blogging as much possible.  You will find it is a simple way to add content to your site and boost your SEO strategy at the same time.

July 16 2010

Keep Your WordPress Blog Current With Your Phone

by Carolina Usbeck

Do you have a blog set up using WordPress? If you don’t and are considering setting up a blog, you might like the features that WordPress provides to manage your blog through your smart phone. The great thing about WordPress is that it is developed by volunteers who keep creating plugins and improvements to the blog software. Below you can find some of its greatest additions yet.

There is an application available for the iPhone and iPad, which provide several functions that, enable creating posts with multiple kinds of information easily. Some of the features provided include location mapping, which allows you to add to your post where you are posting from. There is also the adding Photos feature, which allows you to select as many photos as you would like to add to your blog post from the ones available on your phone, and WordPress will automatically add the images to your blog post. Another feature is how easy it is to add comments to posts, to keep in touch with your readers, through an interface provided that is easy to moderate and use.

A new feature that was introduce early this month, is the post by voice option, which allows you to publish audio on your blog by following simple steps. All you need to do is enable the post by voice option on your blog, which is located under the dashboard section of your blog and select to enable the feature. WordPress will provide you with a phone number you can call and generate a secret code that is unique to your blog, which allows you to call in and follow the instructions to create your voice post.

Due to real time search results provided by search engines, it is good to keep your blog as up to date as possible to allow a better search result for your site and blog. Sometimes it’s hard to keep updating your blog, but thanks to technology, this is becoming easier to accomplish. I hope to see this application will become available soon for other phones.  

November 20 2009

Choosing the Right Blogging Software

by Carolina Usbeck

Are you interested in starting your own blog?
If you are, there are a couple of things that you will need to consider.
Do you want to set up your blog as a user host platform or on a developer hosted platform? A lot of people tend to choose developer hosted platforms, since all they require is a set up of an account and no installation is required from the part of the user. If you decide to go for a user host platform, you will need to install your blog, which in many cases gives you freedom to change the blog’s style more easily and faster. Another important factor that user host platform blogging software provides is the implementation of SEO in the template of the site; usually developer host sites have a restriction when it comes to making the site template.

A question that might help you decide which blog platform to choose is: do you currently host a site? If you do, you can place blogging software in your current hosting server, meaning you will use a user host platform. This will allow you to keep all of your web content in the same location, which allows the indexing of your site and blog to be to the same domain and not two separate domains, allowing a better SEO implementation toward your main site.
If you decide to place your blog in the same hosting server, you should do a little research if you don’t already know about the type of server that you are using. Is it a Windows server or Linux? If it’s a Windows server you can use, DotNetNuke or Subtext if using .Net. If you currently use PHP on the server you have a lot more options to choose from. If you are using a Linux based server, you need to check what has been installed on your server. Do you have PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, or other languages or platforms installed in the hosting server? After having that information you can begin looking for the right blogging software for your blog.
If you do not currently host a site, you might decide to use a developer hosted platform, such as Blogger, wordpress (developer hosted version), or typepad. If you would like to use a user hosted platform, a lot of blog sites offer different hosting services. 

Another question that you need to have in mind is: Are you going to add widgets to your blog? If you are, you will need to conduct research on what kind of widgets you would like to add. Depending on the blogging software that you choose, the widgets will either be free or you will need to pay a fee for them. In the case of free open source software blogs, the widgets are usually free and there are more available. It is a good idea to keep in mind that there are widgets available for SEO implementation and these widgets should be a priority when creating a blog.

After gathering all the information needed and doing research on the widgets you would like, you can make the decision of which blogging software or sites is best for setting up your blog and customize it.

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