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October 15 2021

Optimize Your Videos Like You Optimize Your Pages

by April Nelson

Just like pages, videos can rank in search results. By optimizing your videos like you optimize your pages, your content will have a good foundation to rank in both Google and YouTube. Where Google use metadata to understand information about your pages, YouTube uses titles, descriptions, and tags, along with video content to match content to the searcher’s query.

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August 26 2021

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Google Ads Attribution Models Now Support YouTube and Display Ads

by Jill Goldstein

Customer journeys today are more complex than ever. There has been an overwhelming increase in online shopping due to COVID-19 and there seems to be an increasing number of devices in which you can purchase. Not to mention, there’s the challenge of bridging online research to offline purchase, which is happening more than ever. While there’s no clear-cut way of measuring all of this, attribution modeling sure does help give you a better understanding of how different ads contribute to the end purchase.

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August 11 2021

YouTube Will Test Auto-Detecting Products in Video

by Chuck Forbes

YouTube is a large player in the digital advertising space, allowing users to capture the attention of users and build brand loyalty through engaging video. Like other social platforms and search engines, YouTube is always looking to scale efficient ways for users to see a product they like and be able to get instant information on it, or in a perfect word for e-commerce brands – buy the product.

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