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August 11 2021

YouTube Will Test Auto-Detecting Products in Video

by Chuck Forbes

YouTube is a large player in the digital advertising space, allowing users to capture the attention of users and build brand loyalty through engaging video. Like other social platforms and search engines, YouTube is always looking to scale efficient ways for users to see a product they like and be able to get instant information on it, or in a perfect word for e-commerce brands – buy the product.

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November 19 2020

Concerning YouTube Monetization Updates & Terms of Service Changes

by Matt Crowley

Last night (Wednesday 11/18/20), YouTube sent an email out to their users announcing updates to their Terms of Service. If your organization publishes videos to YouTube, these updates may have several negative consequences that you should be aware of.

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October 26 2020

Google Releases New Frequency Reporting Metrics for Video Campaigns

by Monica Simmons

Google recently announced that new reporting metrics are now available within the Google Ads platform to better report on video campaigns; more specifically, to report on video ad frequency. Since serving ads in excess can be a waste of marketing dollars (as well as a frustration to potential clients / customers), it’s important to be able to really understand how many users are seeing ads – and how often.

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